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About Dar

Hi I'm Darnell the designer and owner of DarJewelryDesign! I am glad that you stopped by my shop, let me tell you about myself!

I love creating beautiful unique jewelry, that feels good to wear and speaks to your individual personality that can be worn in our everyday life as strong women.

I found my love for making jewelry when I was a young girl. My mother who was a sculptor and painter, helped me fry clear marbles and place them into ice water. We then watched the insides of the marbles crack. With these beautifully cracked crystalized marbles I made and sold earrings and necklaces!

My passion evolved into making and selling pearl jewelry. After spending hours knotting pearls, I could not find beautiful sterling silver clasp to use with my beautiful pearl jewelry!

So I started working with sterling silver to make silver clasps. My focus turned towards making sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, that feel good to wear. Even today I like to incorporate my love of pearls into my sterling silver pieces! You can find some beautiful silver jewelry here in my Shop!

Take a few minutes to look around!

Enjoy your shopping!
Thanks for stopping by!

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